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Talofa lava and welcome to

Spiritual Talents: Samoa-i-Texas

The Youth was joined on Easter Sunday by the Sunday School to present the Spiritual Talent portion of the program.  The Sunday School had been learning their Easter songs for a month and the program opened with those songs.
After the Easter medley, the program shifted back to Gethsemane Garden on Maunday Thursday.  In order to put Easter into its proper context, it is important to look at Passion Week as a whole.  So the Youth and Sunday School sang the song, "Le Fanua i Ketesemane."  The song speaks to the agony Jesus went through as He struggled with the path put before Him.
After that song, the program shifted forward to Good Friday and the crucifixion of Christ.  The song that was sung, "Lo'u Atali'i Pele Lena" was composed from the perspective of God looking down on the world as we crucified His Son.  As He struggled along the Via Del Rosa, the song powerfully puts to music the feelings of that moment.
The program then shifts forward to Easter morning, as Mary and the other women visit the tomb.  Finding the tomb empty, Mary breaks down.  But after being visited by Jesus, Mary is encouraged and pledges to tell the world.  She sings a beautiful rendition of "My Redeemer Lives" by Nichole C. Mullen.
The program concludes with the powerful song "Hosanna" by Kirk Franklin.  The kids moved to the beat and praised our Risen Savior during the final number.  May the Lord be blessed in all we do for Him.

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