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Talofa lava and welcome to

Siva Samoa: Samoa-i-Texas Youth

The Tour
Our fa'afiafiaga opened with a welcome song, praising God for His never ending protection and for making the event possible. 
Our fa'afiafiaga is set during Spring Break week when Lole, a student at one of the universities in Texas, decided to "hit" the islands "looking for all the fine MANS".   While her friends went to Acapulco, Miami, Padre Island and other places, Lole hopped on the plane and went to Samoa.  There, a friend recommended that the best way to tour Samoa and find all the "mans" was by bus.  Luckily, Lole found a bus with a helpful bus driver. 
The bus driver informed Lole that the best way to check out the "mans" of the island was to visit the different villages as they are practicing and preparing for America Samoa's Flag Day.  Being from Leone, the bus driver started the tour in Leone and went eastward.  They also visited the villages of Aoloau, Nu'uuli, Pago Pago and Faga'itua, with a special stop in Aua. 
Giving up on the possibilities, the bus became a helicopter and flew Lole over to the islands of Upolu and Savai'i.  Lole could not find the perfect one.  The helicopter then transformed into a submarine, only in Samoa, and took Lole to the lovely islands of Manu'a.
The tour ended and Lole returned to college ALL BY herself.  She might have scared all the Samoan "mans" away!

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